THE WYATT ACT: San Francisco’s own high-energy, experimental SlamRock band.

Do NOT listen to this music. Warning : May Cause Orgasms.


“Exceptional musicianship and attention to musical detail, all while not giving a monkey’s ass about limitations and boundaries, both musically and lyrically.” – Jamsphere Magazine

“This is just excellent music all the way around.” – Stepkid Magazine

“…a unique band with a distinct sound and character, electrifying performances, and interdisciplinary roots.” – Lex Talks Music

“’20 Motherfuckers’ speaks to the heart of being an artist in San Francisco through the last bunch of years, as the streets have increasingly emptied of the beautiful freaks who once defined the arts scene, replaced by people staring at their phones. It’s partly, but never completely angry and outraged. The anger is tempered by its own playfulness. It’s the kind of song that reminds you that smashing the system can be energizing and fun too.” – Annie Bacon, SF Critic

“Energetic, irreverent, and completely unpredictable!” – The Bandcamp Diaries

“Guinevere Q has long been known ’round these parts to be a fast-talking, no-nonsense, down-to-party mo-fo with no worry of running out of things to say. ” – Evan Karp, SF Weekly

“Top 5” – Rocksfanzine

Interview with Twist

Upcoming Shows

Saturday, October 14th : Graduation Party – The Wyatt Act and Judo No at Winters TavernGraduation Party The Wyatt Act and Judo No

Friday, October 27th : The Best Halloween Show Ever!
Hyde Street StudiosLet’s celebrate Halloween with amazing music by The Wyatt Act, King Kong Zilla, and Vincent Gargiulo National Park! Costumes highly encouraged, so dress to impress!!!

Many famous musicians have recorded at Hyde Street Studios, including The Grateful Dead, Cake, Dead Kennedys, Green Day, Tupac Shakur, Michael Franti and Spearhead, Sound Tribe Sector 9, Four2one, Chris Isaak, Walk The Line Soundtrack, Willie Nelson, Tim Buckley, Lost Dog Found, George Clinton, Train and Triple Wisdom. Come be a part of history! Let’s party!!!

The Wyatt Act

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Acid and Fapping live at Boom Boom Room