Word Performances with The Wyatt Act

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Sometimes, we do poetry-centric shows for a sit-down crowd. WE LOVE POETRY!

Word Performances has brought its synthesis of spoken word, dance, music, operatic singing, and comedy to over 15 shows in the Bay Area. Starting at the beloved Viracocha for the first 8 performances, we’ve come to the Lit Crawl, Beast Crawl, The Great Star Theatre, and The Lost Church.

This documentary features interviews with Cybele Zufolo Siegel and Todd Siegel, the founders and producers of Word Performances, along with interviews of Joshua Mohr, Sylvie Simmons, Brynn Saito, Nikola Printz, Vernon Keeve III, Quinevere Q & The Wyatt Act, and Yayne Abeba. Plus, a taste of performances from the most recent show.

“There’s no shortage of writers in San Francisco, nor of places where we can read. But this one stands out. Word Performances has elements of the old-fashioned soiree but also something unexpected and curious. The writers they invite are both well-known and newcomers, and on any given night there might be a singer or a dancer or a stand-up comic. It’s a delightful event – one with a love of performance and a deep commitment to words. If you believe the digital age has killed literature, you’ll need to think again.”
— Sylvie Simmons, author of I’m Your Man, The Life of Leonard Cohen

Filmed at The Lost Church, and edited by Jared Swanson.