The Wyatt Act’s: Poetry Style SlamRock in SF Weekly

Hey Wyatters!

We got an exclusive SF Weekly interview. Guinevere Q gives Evan Karp the low down on the process we take to arrive at the lactacious beats (yes, they make you lactate) and lovingly lovable lyrics.

Guinevere Q:

Viracocha has been an incredible inspiration in bringing performance poetry and rowdy music together.

As bandmates, we also share similar social justice causes. There tends to be a political undertone to most of our songs. Some are more overt than others, but we always try to keep it comical and danceable.

First, we write poems. Those poems become lyrics. Then those lyrics grow into songs. In my opinion, poetry loathes being whispered into crumbled books in quiet cafes. Poetry wants to breathe, to be belted out, to be danced with, to vibrate down to the core of the soul!

Read the whole thing on SF Weekly. Thanks a bunch, Evan Karp!

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