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JamSphere’s review of 20 Motherfuckers compares us to Captain Beefheart, Frank Zappa, and Primus! Thank you for the love!!! Check out our first official release recorded at Hyde Street Studios in San Francisco, CA.

Exclusive Interview with The Wyatt Act: Slam Poetry Meets Rock’n’Roll Lex Talks Music writes, “…what happens when you mash up slam poetry, comedy, and rock ‘n’ roll? You might just get The Wyatt Act. They’re a unique band with a distinct sound and character, electrifying performances, and interdisciplinary roots.”

Annie Bacon of SF Critic raves, “’20 Motherfuckers’ speaks to the heart of being an artist in San Francisco through the last bunch of years, as the streets have increasingly emptied of the beautiful freaks who once defined the arts scene, replaced by people staring at their phones. It’s partly, but never completely angry and outraged. The anger is tempered by its own playfulness. It’s the kind of song that reminds you that smashing the system can be energizing and fun too.”

Breakfast delivers an official Chancellor Speech in an interview with Guinevere Q in Twist

“Energetic, irreverent and completely unpredictable” – The Band Camp Diaries

“The masterful mix of mayhem, chaos, melody and musicianship in The Wyatt Act is impossible not to notice” – Sleeping Bag Studios

RocksFanzine rates “The Wyatt Act” Top 5!

SF Weekly digs our Dictionary Dance Party at Bottom of the Hill!

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